Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All For Our Little-D

Started to think what is the best for my Little-D and I am eying on some of the insurance quotes that I try to gather around for comparison as I wanted to get the best for him. All these while, I do not even have my own personal insurance but since discover my pregnancy, I bought one for myself, one for hubby and now I am planning to get one for Little-D as well. Maybe this is the instinct of being a new parent but well, I guess every new parent will be doing the same thing like what I am doing right now.

At the same time, my perspective of life also changed because now I see things differently. Last time before the arrival of Little-D, me and hubby will not even have the thinking to get any life insurance as we do not have anything to fear of but now is totally different, what we did, what we will be doing all is path for Little-D.

Well, guess that I will need to starts saving again for Little-D education fund as well as well as our own retirement fund so that later in life, we will not be a burden to Little-D!

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