Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back To School

I am sure that during this economy downturn, a lot of people had been effected by the impact of it. No wonder I heard that a lot of people are now going back to colleges and university to continue their study and hope to get higher education so that they will have better alternatives or even chance if they were so unlucky to be force to resign or maybe have to go through the pay cut process.

One of my colleague intend to get herself a school mba on a part time basis and now she been checking out a few university that offering the course that she wanted to study. She will starts her course in July and will need to go for the class everyday after her work which I think its quite troublesome because we will only off from work at 6.00pm or even later when we are rushing some projects. Not like the Capella University, which is an online University that created online writing center which cater more than 23,000 plus students which instruction, resources and strategies to help them navigate.

I am sure that my this colleague will be lot easier if she get the help from Capella University in term of time management as well as resources.

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