Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am super tired today I actually napped for more than 4 hours and that was after Little-D tried numerous times to wake me up. I can feel him moving so many times but i was really have no energy at all to wake up, thus I am in my dreamland for 4 hours straight without any dream at all!. NICE!

I woke up just in time for my dinner at 8.30 pm and I am so full right now! It is really not easy to have a 2kg water melon with you all the time and yes, the water melon will increase the size day by day until its the right time for him to come out to this world.

And I am wondering, is this picture a real one or its had been edited before..because I ain't seeing the same situation here with my Little-D..


miche said...

looks like fake to me. dun think our skin is that thin.

babyfiona said...

i also think so..the little toes and leg wont be at the centre also right..either up there or down there..