Thursday, April 9, 2009

Search Engine

The other day, I overheard a young lady talking on the phone with another person on the other side that she had just been retrenched. And she is currently jobless and is thinking to look for some hair stylist jobs. As I am too bored and got nothing to do while waiting for hubby to fetch me, I try to ear droves and listen what she been talking about. I am I am a little bit busy body but I really wonder what she can do after being retrenched by her employer.

Lucky for her that, before she work at that particular company, she had actually studied a course or two on beauty and cosmetology so she can now use the brand-new online job search engine by, owned by Regency Beauty Institute to search for jobs related to beauty industry.

Well, its good since she can easily find another job with the help of the search engine and hopefully this search engine and help her to find a good job for her soonest possible.

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