Friday, May 15, 2009

Cute Or Not?

I have almost everything ready for Little-D. From his clothing, crib, milk bottle, stroller and we even have a few soothers that comes in few design and even glow in the dark but one thing that I forgot to buy is Baby Bedding Sets..which I have not get the ideal for Little-D. I saw a set of the baby bedding set few weeks ago but decided that we won't be getting it because the price are too expensive! Not really worth it because the set only consist the bolster, pillow, comforter but without the bumper..and these will cost me a shocking USD120! I can get a few full sets with the side bumpers for that price..

Guess what, I saw a site that offer 75% off sale for the 12 pc of baby bedding sets with the design that I always wanted to have! How can i resist such temptation and of course without thinking that it is the middle of the month and my pocket is half empty, I took out my Visa and GULP! I ordered 2 sets on the spot..after I confirmed my order, then only I realized that I over spent this month..sigh! I think I will be eating bread for the next half a month! But I am happy with the two set of the bedding sets! Hopefully Little-D will like them as well!

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