Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back Ache!

Taking care of a baby 24 hours is not a fun thing to do at all! Just after 3 days of 24 hours with Little-D alone, I am developing a very bad back ache. A very bad one! Now whenever I want to carry Little-D up from the bed, I will have to tolerate with the pain shooting up from the back area to my whole body and guess what? My left hand feel numb and ache after carrying him the WHOLE day! YES THE WHOLE DAY as he do not want to sleep on the bed. Whenever I put him down, he will start to give me some opera moment until I carrying him up.

Guess I will need to buy more insurance for myself. Regret that I did not get myself the Blue Advantage before I pregnant but never mind, maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

Colleen said...

ur MIL left liao? I tot this weekend?

babyfiona said...

colleen - went back and come back edy, then Sunday go back to penang for good.. :p