Monday, September 28, 2009

Going Insane..

Who does not want a nice romantic cancun vacation especially when you are feeling really down. I myself need one as soon as possible as I will be going to be insane soon!

I really missed the white beach! Its been a while since the last time I go to any beaches and I really missed the time when I can go there and relax. I really hope that I can at least visit the hidden beach at Riviera Maya which caters to nudists who desire luxury and comfort.I really wanted to see how it is look like :p but too bad, now with Little-D around, I can only go to the nearest playground for a walk every evening. Some times, a walk is also not possible when it is raining..

Some might ask, why can not bring him along? Well, we went to Penang once before and do you know that we are practically shifting the whole house to Penang even though we stay there for like 3 days...

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