Monday, September 21, 2009

Streamyx New Packages

The other day when I went over to TM Point to pay the bills, I saw that Streamyx is having the promotion whereby with just RM99 per month, for the next 2 years, you will be receiving a new desktop and with RM 139 per month, you will have a very good laptop deals! I am not sure for the laptop one, but as for now I am already paying RM 88 per month without getting anything in return. I wonder if I can terminate my current account and then purchase the RM 99 per month package or not. But I really scared that after I change my package, the line will not be stable right now..well, now already not so stable..but I considering that it might get even worst than now..wondering wondering..


Miche said...

2 years ago, i paid 99 for 24mths n got free desktop.

sure u can terminate if ur 88 contract is over. go check. dun miss out this good deal. :)

James said...

If you feel that way bout your service, pimp your broadband @ :)