Friday, October 30, 2009

I hate

when I receives all those comments received in language that I can not understand at all! I been receiving lots and lots of comment in Japanese language which I tried to master 8 years ago but failed as I do not read mandarin which Japanese also using them as Kanji. I failed just because I do not how to read that and it will took me a few year just to master the reading of I stop after the intermediate 3 of the course. I stop when they asked me to write a long essay in the combination of hiragana, katagan and kanji as well which is can I when I do not even know how to read kanji?? Sigh!

Bah, i guess i just ignore them at this moment, can't really do much. Well, I better check out on some quote for rv breakdown. Heard from my friend that this is the best insurance for my vehicle..we will see about that..check out first and see what is the differences..

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