Monday, November 23, 2009

Back To Work

Its a tiring weekend for me especially if I had to babysit Little-D the whole week except on Wednesday which is the only day I went to work and the rest of the day, was either at home or out to babysit Little-D. Now I looked like I am those drug addict that needed to go to drug rehab as I am uber sleepy. Keep on yawning and yawning the whole morning and not to mention that my neck and should are very stiff!

This morning , one of my friend sent me a link on some child education system. It was on the natural side by teaching them to learn and play at the same time using recycle item. Well, I am not really interested with the system but I do appreciate if a child center will be able to teach my little-D in other foreign languages other than our normal system here. I wish that he will be able to be fluent in a few languages.

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Jason Leingod said...

hey happy belated bday wor...! forgot ur bday is same as mine XD