Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Car Towed

I saw another car being towed away again by MPSJ this morning. They are really fast, as fast as motorhome towing as they finished loading the car tied to their truck in less than 3 minutes. I am sure that the owner will be cursing and scolding the moment when he came out from the bank. Who won't when suddenly after you rush to do some bank transaction and rushing back to get the car, only you realized that your car is missing. The first thought that across the mind, is that the car was stolen, who will think that they car will be tow away?

This is not the first time, I saw the MPSJ towed away people's car without informing the owner. They should at least leave a person there to inform the owner so that the owner will not going crazy thinking their car was stolen. I remember when my ex-colleague lost his car. We thought that his car was towed away by MPJS, so we went all the way to the MPJS's place where they keep the cars that they towed but after wasting our precious time where we should do a police report so that the car will be easier to be found. Instead we were forced to check with the MPSJ first before that because we scared that we make a mistake..but in the end, the colleague's car was really stolen and not towed by the MPSJ..

I really hope that I will not have to go through the same experience as my ex-colleague..if it did happen, I think I will KNCCB the MPSJ until their early clock eighteen pocket!

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