Sunday, February 14, 2010

Having Fever..

Was unable to online for 2 days in a row since Little-D was down with fever. Today is the 2 days of fever and the temperature is not looking good at all. This is no good at all as if the fever does not subside within 3 days, then we will need to bring him to the clinic again after we reach KL. Sigh!!! And according to the pediatrician, if the fever is still here after 3 days, means he is having a viral infection which will takes 3 to 5 days to clear ..die!

Hopefully by tomorrow, the fever will be away as tomorrow is the first day of Chinese New Year 2010!!

As for now, got to back to work since he is sleeping now, or else I will need to wait until I am back to KL then only can starts my work. I wish to go for the bpi training if I have the chance..hmm..

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