Sunday, March 21, 2010

Balloon Festival At Putrajaya 20 March 2010

Dead tired! Went to the balloon festival yesterday afternoon and only got back home at around 11 night. Little-D was so tired that he sleep until 9.30 this morning. Good for him ! at least I do not need to wake up at 7 in the morning like usual time. Or else I think I will go crazy!

Taking care of Little-D is far more easier now compare to last time because now we will throw him into his baby cot whenever we can :P He will play inside until he is bored and start making noise and give us the duckie mouth. It is far more way better than putting him inside the walker or stroller because he know how to climb out from both. As for now, he does not know how to climb out from the cot yet but I foresee that he will be able to when he hit his 11 months I need to be fast to finish up the directory submissions so that when he is able to climb out from the cot, I will be finish with the submission.

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