Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big Fight

Was really angry this morning as I have a big round of fight with monster in law. Its a petty thing like usual but guess not enough sleep plus auntie visit worsen the case. Its started real fast and ended real fast as well and I was really furious when she started to raised her voice at me. Don't know if she is unlucky or I am unlucky as normally I will just let her be ,just like what hubby said. "she is like that" but this time, I guess she crossed the line.

Well, anyhow, its over, we ain't talking to each other, well, i don't think she wanted to, so be it lah! Not that I care much..I have lots of things to do than wasting my time thinking of this. Now I am busy finding the best pop displays for one of my client for the coming exhibition..

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