Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Like Coupons!

Do you use coupons when you purchase anything? I like to use coupon as its save me a few dollar each time I use it. Well not much, just a few dollar, but when you add up each and every time, then you will notice that you are actually saving a lot!

Just like the another day. I was given a book of coupons from one of the hyper market in my area and well, each coupon only offer 1 or 2 dollar discount for the item. But just imagine, I actually use more than 15 coupons inside the booklet and save me around 25.00 dollar for that particular grocery time. 25.00 dollar for 1 time is actually a very big sum as if you were to go for grocery shopping once a week, you actually save 100 dollar for that particular month!

Well, its help me to stretch my money.. if I did not use any coupon, then I will not have any extra money to buy my favourite dress ^^

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