Thursday, August 12, 2010

Its been so long..

Now only I noticed that I have not been blogging much these few months. My last post was in the month of July! Oh my..that was really unbelievable! Its was like 2 weeks ago..

My life seem to change after I started my online business. I started to stay late at night doing homework, doing research, searching for product, looking for new supplier and etc etc etc which if I list down all here, it will takes me sleeping hours usually will be after 2 in the morning, the earliest will be 1 am and that will be when I am not in a good condition..

Really hope that I will be back to my usual self like last time..I really miss the time when I do not need to on the computer just to check on the business..i hope to on the computer to watch my favourite drama, play some online games and do the thing that I used to do..not just sticking infront of the site and do marketing..sigh..

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