Friday, September 17, 2010

Sickness is Back

These few days, my sickness came back!! I feel happy and scared at the same time! I keep on checking out the new things and keep on online shopping which I ditch this sickness long time ago. More than 2 years ago. When I started pregnant with Little-D, When I start realized that money is very important especially with one extra mouth to feed but the sickness is back now! Oh my god!

I bought a slimming lotion, bought some sample of bird poo with is meant to be mask..I know its gross but people swear on the result. So no harm trying. I bought a lace pant online and RM 217.00 worth of clothing..and its freaking cheap as with 200 buck, I can get 10 pcs !! Luckily the clothing are not mine. Belong to my sister !! LOL! but I need to work hard, do more phentermine reviews and get more money so the next time, I can buy for myself!!

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