Saturday, September 25, 2010

Uguisu No Fun

I recently tried a new skin care..not really skin care but Japan people claimed that this product can give you more radiant skin!

Check out this :-

"Uguisu no fun is a traditional beauty powder from Japan. It is made from the natural dropping (layman terms: shit) of nightingale. In the 18th century, uguisu no fun is initially use by geishas and Kabuki actors to remove make-up from their face. This powder contains a natural enzyme (amino acid guanine) which claims to be able to cleanse your face and at the same time brightens and evens out your complexion. Back then, this nightingale poop acts as a beauty enhancer for every woman. This product is treated with ultra violet light and are completely free of bacteria.

Uguisu no fun is a fine, odourless powder that is use with your normal cleaner cream/gel to form a paste to be applies on your face as the first step of your beauty regime. It helps to remove all traces of dirt and gently exfoliates your dead skin cells off the surface of your skin leaving your skin SOFTER, SMOOTHER AND BRIGHTER!!!!"

And guess what? I actually use it myself! I put bird's poo on my face! Can you actually believe it?? LOL!

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