Friday, October 22, 2010

He Is Still having Flu..

Little-D is having flu and been coughing since Monday. Even though with the best best vitamins and best medicine the doctor prescribed for him, he is still having the flu. Its been 5 days..hope he will get well soon or else I will be having sleepless night for long..

He actually is a very easy toddler to take care off. The whole week even though with flu, I only need to wake up on the 1st 2 night and rub the vicks onto my palm, make it hot and placed my palm on his chest and back so that he can breath easily. Other than that, he did not make any noise. He can sleep until morning without any fuss compare to other baby / toddlers. I heard from other mommies before whereby they said that they are scared when their children are sick as they will be having sleepless night taken care of their children..but for me its just like a normal days..wake up in the middle of the night to change his diaper and then got back to sleep :)

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