Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bad Things Comes Together

Bad things comes together!
I had a buyer who ordered 3 set of toys from me, after half a month of waiting, its finally arrived and the toys are beautiful! I personally went over my partner house and tested it! I am sure that all kids will like it! Even adult! as I also like it so much!

But too bad, my luck still not changed. The toys was wrap nicely and packaged into another box before sent out..the buyer pm-ed me that she already received it in the afternoon. I was glad but things went bad when night comes. She email me with photos showing me the crack on 2 set of the 3 sets she ordered..the photos shown really does not make any sense..there is no way, the set will have such crack if its was the fault of the courier service as the crack was in the internal part and out those edge corner. My partner said , this should be the cause of the kid , even hubby also have the same thinking..but well, nothing much i can do actually, as there is no use of arguing with the customer. So I offer her to replace one of the set for of charge, another set,its her own problem. Nobody in the line will do that...but I know my luck is very bad these few weeks, better safe than sorry. Dont even dare to check out the Ordinateurs de bureau to buy their item..what if my bad luck lingering around and when the item on the way, anything happen...sigh! I cant even think of what will happen!

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