Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day? What Valentine's Day?

Valentine just over not long ago. This is we do not celebrate at all. No outing, no cake, no present, no wish, no nothing. We were to busy with my work, my part time work, my assignment and of course with Little-D who become Little Devil and totally forgot that its Valentine's day. We was actually told by some one, that , that Monday was Valentine's Day..and we are busy looking out for some one to fix and change my laptop's LCD screen. The change cost me a bomb! Where I will have any mood to even celebrate the day? Sigh! Then reached home, I still need to play and accommodate Little-D needs and continue with my works..and hubby went off to his meeting..

Maybe next time, we can get the help from this personalized valentines gifts for her and arrange before hand so that they will be getting ready the gift and send it out to us as per arrangement. But then again, it will meant it a pre-arrange event..

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