Monday, April 23, 2012

Homeless Korean Boy

Was really surprised when hubby show me a clip on the Youtube by the korean boy who was an orphanage but still managed to pass his GCE examination with his own! He was actually left behind by his parent when he was only 3 years old and from then, he live by himself selling matches and other items. He was once sold by other people but he managed to run away after being there for quite some times. Apparently he sleep by the roadside and also inside the public toilet. Was really a sad case right but he is a very talented boy as he owned a voice that nobody will ever think he will have! What a big surprised as he can handle his vocal very good indeed. Just imagine if he is someone from a rich family, maybe he can be even better and with some help he may know how to play instrument like Squier Guitars, piano, organ, violin and the rest ! If you want to know how good he is, just type, "Korea Got Talent about a Homeless Boy Steals The Show"

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