Saturday, June 16, 2012

Freaking Sleepy!

I am freaking sleepy now as I only able to sleep for 4 hours only as my Little bull had been awake the whole night through! Don't know what is wrong with him as he only managed to fall asleep at 6.30 this morning! I put him to sleep at 10.0pm yesterday night and then I went to bed myself at 12.00 mid night. The nightmare started at 1 in the morning where he wake up and asked for milk! So milk was given and I thought he will go back to sleep but he did not!! At 2 in the morning, hubby was back and i really cannot stand anymore, so i just go to sleep and at 4 in the morning i heard voice!! Thus I wake myself up and duh!! He did not even sleep back and I got no choice to ask him to come to bed with me and his little brother which waking up almost every3 hours! If you send me a nice chaise lounges seat like those in, I am sure will drop dead sleeping on it already!!

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