Saturday, August 3, 2013

Banana Song by Minion

Both my little one loved the banana song by Despicable Me minion as they been humming and humming and humming the song non stop! Even the younger one who do not know how to talk yet..been muttering na na na na na na non stop! So cute! Hahaha, you should see their face expression when I play that on youtube. and they can just sit there and watch this clip all over again non stop few hours! Its good for me hahaha as I can steal a little bit time doing what I like. Searching online for the best violins at musicians friend as I have friend asking me to help him search for the best violin for his son's performance this end of the month! The kid was really talented as at age 5, he already on par with others student who are age above 12 years old! Talking about talent!

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