Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year to all!

let me see my resolutions for this new year.. hmm

1. ...

2. ...

ops sorry, i never have any resolution for the year hehehe.anyhow my thinking is different. If i want to do something, i will make it happen the next day or in a limited time and i wont wait until the end of the year or the new year to make it happen. so forget bout the resolution thingy!


as i promised ..the photo of my hubby baby meal big fat juicy WORM!

taste nice? hehe. hows ur breakfast/lunch/dinner taste like? as juicy as these worm ? :P

My New addiction

Dont know why i seem like addicted to buying more and more of earings.. here are some i bought yesterday 4 for RM 10 only ^^.

Like the pink colour the most althought it is very heavy -.-". Felt like my ears wanna felt off when wearing the time..but its very sweet look and look so 60s hahaha

i currently have around 16 pairs of earing or even more if i count those already easy to broke ler..those with the plastic leg one.. and one pair which i accidently throw away because i forgot that i wrap it with a tissue and i thought its a used tissue paper and i throw it away -.-". so sai yang..nvm one gone and many more will come hahaha!

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