Thursday, January 4, 2007

Times flies as fast as the money -.-"

Another day to weekend. Sure the time flies so fast that we cant even catch up with it. Ever notice, suddently one or two strand of white hair sticking up in the middle of the whole bunch of your blackie? Lucky thing i still dont find any yet :P ** touching whatever wood nearby me ** if got also i can still go and dye my hair to whatever colour that i want.

Met few of my high school frend last week. Everybody doest seem to change a little bit..still the same look, the same face and face size. maybe the only thing changed is our age or maybe the OLD look start appearing on our forehead..doesnt have the baby face look sticked to us already like we used to be -.-". Maybe we are really getting old.. or it is only me who felt that way..-.-" die lor die lor..i even think like an auntie -.-"" *help me god..i am becoming an auntie*

bah..even the god cannot help me if i really getting he can spare me a few hundred years more..and yeah..i will become some immortal with extra lots wrinkle and extra sagging skins dangling at some particular place at my body -.-"

Some cute pix to cheer myself up for getting old..and becoming an auntie -.-"


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