Monday, December 25, 2006

A new shift!

i been shifting my blog from one to another website for at least the 3rd time..hopefully this will be the last :P

Been reading for other's post as a reference and then i found out about the goggle adsense thingy. Not quite sure what it is but no harm trying right?

Below are some of my entries from my previous blog hosting website..

11 December 2006

Title: How can a simply picture make you smile your heart out.

Entry: Today i received a forwarded mail from a friend. Upon opened the forwarded mail, from a frowning face due to super duper boredom, instantly i can feel my jaw just open widely. NO! My jaw is not dropping.. i smile..! and its coming from the center of my heart.

How cute! see for yourself, i am sure that after you see the photos that i going to post here, you will open your big fat lazy jaw / mouth and smile! :P

Add in: how i wish i had a baby as cute as two of them..well..need to wait for another i need to save first to have enough money for my baby.

p/s: i am lazy to recopy my entry from the other blog hoster..let just begin with a new blog world for me..yeah! Merry Christmas you all of you and to me.. dont even get anything for i wish i would have a least something like a friend whereby she featured that she have the most valuable christmas present for this year.. a baby!

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