Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post Christmas

Christmas over and i am back to work.Nothing much to do just the leftover of work that i lazy to finish before went for the 3 days Christmas holiday.

Everybody are having a good time on this holiday season but to me, its just a normal days , just a tiny weeny one of the day in 365 days that we have every single years..

End of the month is the most crucial days for me to walk through..the days whereby i really need to keep track of how and what i exactely spend the money on.. i left with 200 buck only..and somemore used 50 for my bb medical fee just rite now. Another 110 is reserved for bb chinese medical fee. so what left is only40 buck for 2 of us to go through until 29 Dec which hopefully can get my paycheque by then. If not, i won'nt have any money until the bank reopen on the 3rd Jan..

Still have not decide if i wanna go for *S* wedding this coming saturday..so far and and i am so broke..how i wish the Santa can drop me a bag of $$$ as in USD or better still in Pound Sterling (^^).

The CC that i applied for still havent any news from them..oh..new update..just called them and finally got someone at the end of the line..after i tried like 8 - 10 times..this showed that malaysian banking system suck..and moreover to process the application, they takes 2 - 3 weeks time..sigh..

I dont know for everyone..but for me if no CC, it is very inconviniently..how am i suppose to pump petrol..? goes shopping without a CC? like i going to bring a whole stack of 50 buck in my purse..and make my purse burst like nobody business? -.-"

A cute pix to cheer me up before i log off and continue my work..

So Sweet, adorable , Pretty, CUTE, i like. hehe..

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