Wednesday, December 27, 2006


This is really annoying! the whole day with the broadband on but even the tortoise walk even faster than the speed of the broadband!

2 weeks ago also encounter the same thing only the worst whereby the whole selangor and KL area was down. Even saw a telecommunication put a sign there that said *** line down so they wont get any angree customer complained them that they drive so far and long to come and pay bill but end up going home with the bill and money still on hand ..hahaha

Altogether this broadband hit the jackpot of 6 times or more with their service down to the colleague have filed dunt know how many complain with them and finally this is the 1st time i see them dont even bother to go and call them. Even for the one that if no MSN will die for u to see fellow. hehehe.


BB finally got his test result..some blood stream infection and was given a jab on the butt. Cost me RM 50 for the jab in which i think its still affordable which effect internal thingy in the body.

All together his medicine expense for this few days..yes, these few days.. mean 3 days.. is RM 210.00 for 3 different sickness.


I am stuck to this job whereby i have to separate my boss expense claim. And all together the paper i used are more than 10 pcs and yet i am still seprating it. Another half or more than half of the stack of claim that he just put it inside an envelope. I think i might as well does the same as all these while i also dont help the auditor to file it nicely. Its either i do it or the audtior who going to do it. Am i good today? Neh..i dont think so..better leave it for them to do it. ^^

A Cutey Pix for today!

Found this cute sample box for wedding favour in dunt know which website a while ago.Though can be use for my wedding but due to not enough $$$, so just forget it..

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