Sunday, January 14, 2007


OMG, this is so funny, u should see this!

How Singaporean can be so kiasu? Wasting their time to que when they actually don’t know what’s they queuing up for? -.- “”

You can see how many people gave the same answer. “I don’t know”! LOLS! And the "anything will be fine!" Just imagine, after you que-up for like an hour and people give you a piece of shit! LOLS

But I like the part when the housewife said that Singapore can not be so kiasu, but housewives can as they have ample time to do it. LMAO!!! Drop dead funny!! Next time when I become a housewife I will try to do this kind of silly thing and see what can I get from it..LMAO!!

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Nastasshea said...

Wah lau that's a good pranks for Singaporeans!