Friday, January 12, 2007

Online Shopping

I always like online shopping but usually window shop ^^. Means i go browse, see and never buy..hehe.. No money mah, then window shop lar, somemore no need to waste energy and walk from a shopping mall to another..if I saw something that i wanted also, I wont feel so bad because i cannot buy it. If normal shopping, when i cannot get the things i wanted, then I will waste my saliva..and might flood the whole KL..

Then next day newpaper head line will changed from "Batu Pahat Flood" to "Kuala Lumpur Massive Flood" because of my saliva. I wont want that to happen so i will just stick to online window shopping.

I bought something before but not using the credit card or pay pal payment. Just bid/buy , get their bank details and bank into the seller account. Still cannot trust the security of using credit card online.

these two, i bought online which i used for my wedding ^^ from ebay.

Not to mentioned that I bought a glove, an imitation watch for my husband @ :P , sorry no photo at the moment..will try to find for the photo later.

Might want to try to buy from various forums that i been visiting frequently after i have enough confident and trust on the seller :P

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