Thursday, February 8, 2007


OMG, i am so into hamster, gerbil, rats , Mice, mickey mouse or what so ever that you called it as. ^^

So cute, so adorable.. so know how to explain... maybe not rats or mice or gerbils lar, i am more on hamster kind like hamtaro . :D

Hamtaro! yeah, the cute little hamster

i like those without tails one.. the tails one remind me of those longkang rats who try to come and dominate my house and office not too long ago..-.-" As for hamster..i dont know...i just wants it..eventhough they resemble a bit like rats/mice..but still.. they are so cute and adorable..SO CUTE UNTIL CAN DIE!!

judge for yourself!

ps: sorry ler, i got these pix from ly forum ler, its not mine.. Not yet..i think i will get mine soon! ^^ very soon!! ^^.

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