Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Normal Boring Saturday..

Dint do much today, waking up at 2 pm dint help much as well. Was forced to wake up by hubby with the reason given "later dunt complain you got headache"
-.-" i already does.. yes. right..woke up with a headache, even thought not those biggie type but still headache.
One of my colleague came and off we went to the fish shop in somewhere in PJ..saw these 2 cute siberian husky, one male and one female.. whereby the male is so protective over the female one. so cute and adorable. Dont manage to take photos of them because the staff there dint allow us to. ai..CUTE until i can die.. how i wish i had one..
i had my dinner at 6 pm and then been muching the "fong lut" for half an hour and off we went to subang uptown street. Nice enviroment there with all those CNY thingie to buy. Nicer than the next door street which is the originally Subang Uptown where were dominated mostly by m* ppl.. -.-" and selling all m* stuff..
2 am now , just ordered my supper.. MCD..yeah..i am getting fatter and fatter with all these fast foods..i should post more of my fat fat photos next time. YEAH!

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Nastasshea@Nesh said...

You call yourself fat??? Wah then I must be a brontosorous! Kekeke! *ARG!!* [Imitating bronto dino]