Thursday, March 22, 2007



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I am a bit down.. i did mentioned that my hubby gave me 2 hamsters for my birthday right? And all these while, i thought one of them is male and one of them is female and thus named the male as Hammie and the female as Minnie....that time dont know lar..cause they are still small and young, so cant really see their private part..already try to blow up their fur to check but still cant find..what to do

I attached below the photo for you to refresh your mind.

Left hand side one is Hammie and right hand side is Minnie.

And yesternite only i figure out that the possibility of having 1 male and 1 female is less than 10%... U know why..?


Now my only chance is to see if Minnie will have a different look of the private part...she or he still too young ..cant really find the private part. Think i wont be able to have a colony of hamster...


aceone118 said...

The bigger in size is male and smaller one female la. Not lidat see wan meh? Hamsters mia private parts oso wan see!! kakakaka

babyfiona said...

NO lar of course... -.-"
got diagram to see one their part..i upload for u too see. different for male and female..

If dont see their part there then how to differenciate tong like you meh, bigger size is male and smaller size is female.. -.-""