Thursday, March 22, 2007

The sexing of Hamster

This post is especially for AceOne as i tried SO MANY TIMES to edit it.. KNNCBH until i tulan already. This post is for AceOne to see hamster private part to compare the different of male and female..Yeler, people said BIGGER Size is Male and Smaller size is female..-.-""

So, come come, i show you now, a diagram only,next time only show you hammie and minnie actual private part photos

Ok, here its goes...tang tang tang tang!!


aceone118 said...

OMG!! Why Male got extra holes wan? Or izzit the other way round.

Tank Q you for editing it so many times for me.Dun tulan!!! come..come ..we go "lok lok' (steamboat) first after that we explore their sex again! Chun anot?

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

HahhahaAHhAAH!! Interesting facts!!! Usually when i want to see if it's a male or female i just wait till the male balls are showing (since it's noticiable)!

If dun have then it's FEMALE! HAhaHAHaHAHA!

aceone118 said...

Want to exchange link with me anot jek?

babyfiona said...

Nesh - cant see their balls ler, they are still too small. That is why i am waiting for minnie to grow bigger and then only see her/his part (^^)/.

AceOne118 - Add Jor..and go lok lok issit you pay?? :P

aceone118 said...

Me oso added liao! sure anot you wan to go lok lok with me? I pay can lar ! You dun bluff me wor!!kekeke

babyfiona said...

Hehe, can i bring along my husband and friends? (^^)/ the more the merrier mah