Saturday, March 10, 2007

Discovered $$$ Generator...

I was wandering around like usual and found this webby.

Surprisingly, its not like those normal branded name like AdSense, Textlink, Bidvertiser and etc that are from foreign countries..well must be foreign countries lar because they paying in USD instead of RM. Nuffnang is a Malaysian based company...some more based in Penang tim..

For those who got a proud high traffic site, you all can go and register and start to make money :D. For me..i still need to wait ..even my house here, the traffic is much more higher than my bloggie .

And by the way, i am NOT PAID to advertise for them. Just wanted to share another $$ generator as money is not enough!!!

AND the good thing is, u can stand a chance to winning a host of attractive prizes. MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, or even a LCD TVs! I WANT!!!


Shlesha said...

One thing I wanna share with You:
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babyfiona said...

Thank you so muchie