Monday, March 12, 2007

New Family members

Woohoo, please welcome my newly added family members.. a Betta and a bunch of Guppies. No, i did not name them, how to name them when i cant even differenciate the fishes. The Guppy was bought at Jalan Pasar on Saturday and he/she been alone in the new home by himself and then hubby decided to buy some fishes to accompany him/her. So those guppies is there to accompany my Betta only..

Wokay, its time for photos! sorry for the not so good quality photos.. using a camera phone only..anyone want to sponsor me a new high pixel camera??

from home alone in an empty house...and u can see how bored he/she is..

TARA!!! new mates and new decoration for his / her home :D

Updated:- more photos here!

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