Sunday, March 4, 2007


i been browsing around in here and start receiving some reply from my thread. Out of curiosity..i start checking my potential "client" and start sratching my head..after i saw their DOB.. 1989, very first thought was..this smell come these kids interested with my item money to buy meh???

think think think.. aiyoyoyo..i thought i am still 18, 22 years old.. no wonder i still think they are just kids.. OMG..

1989, 1990 alrady 17 and 18 years old.. me 19** mah already ** years old...aiyoyoyo.. I AM SO OLD... -.-"

No mood already..i am old and useless brain not functioning, my bones cracking, my leg eyes sees thing nose not so sensitives not the nose ler..still can smell peekeboo's poo poo.. super duper uber smelly... want to vomit every single time of it.. (-.-)""

For those young people out there, dont be so cocky, one day you will be as old as i am!! MUAHAHAHAHA



Shannon said...

hey hey... all the ^^ there, dun lar like that....
I feel the same also, always still thinking, wahliew, this ppl so kiddy eh? When they are actually near 20 oledi... hahaha...
Nemmind, as long as we are YOING AT HEART!!!

babyfiona said...

er.. how can i dunt be like that ler..freaking me out ler when i think i am almost hit the big 30 -.-" eventhough still young at heart..but when see those "Kids" really reflect our age ler -.-"