Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jalan Jalan Cari Ikan

I am so tired. Woke up at 9.00 this morning. YES! Its 9 in the Morning! 9 am on a non working day, somemore its a SUNDAY!!

Destination today..Jalan Pasar with fishy guys (you will know what i mean if you been reading my blog since) but today got a girl tagged along.

We (me and hubby) was supposingly fetch one of them 1st before heading to the Caltex station in Sunway, but Geediver (well that his nick, somemore if i were to list down their name, you wouldnt know them as well, so no point (^^).) suddently got something to do with and he FFK both of us. So we head to Taman Maluri Jaya Jusco there to meet with Presario and the rest supposingly but they were late.

We waited for more than 30 min at a mamak stall chit chating with Presario, well most of the time, hubby and Presario chat lar, and i just sit there like a growing mushroom.

Finally Noyze, Michanz and Michanz GF, i think i shall call her Ms M. as her name start with that or you can also call her as Mickey Mouse shall be easier :P came, me and hubby jump into Presario car and off we go to Pandan Indah to have our the time all reached its already like 11.30am..we went to had Bak Kut Teh , Yum yum. After that, we went to the next door, 88 Aquarium again, the same company i went yesterday but this one is at the Pandan of the branch and all the fishy guys buy and buy and buy, like no need money liddat. (-.-)".

To make my story as short as possible, cause i am darn tired, off we went to Jalan Pasar after been at the 88 Aquarium for 1 and a half hours. Hubby managed to get his Love Parrot Fish somemore cheaper than other places. RM 9 for 1 and he bought 2. He damn happy lar today as he been disturbing me the whole week saying he wanted to buy from Xian Leng, a week ago but did not buy..kekeke.

The weather was too extreme and we couldnt take it anymore, straight we off from Jalan Pasar in less than an hour. With so many peoples around, shoulder brushing shoulder, backside pushing backside...the place is a non non place to go if you really those people who sit in the air-con room, like me ..

Hopefully next week no need jalan jalan cari ikan anymore..if not, i will become FISH myself..

ok..lazy to type time..but dint take much..only some green grass in some shop tanks as i am damn HOT!!

And my latest Peebo photos. After a refreshing bath and with her new cloth!

oh and last weekends outing with all same gangs but with a lot more of them and the photos actually taken in one of the fishy guy house. Nice?

And update of my mini tanks. Alot of the Guppies dies but already been replaced :P


AceOne118 said...

Parrot fish i want to sell. Quite big ledi, interested? I gip you and hubby cheap cheap lar!! leng mou?

babyfiona said...

Bought 2 already, Now testing if my hubby arowana will go attack the parrot or not. If not, will get more, then only come find you lor wokays?

Sasha said...

eh never ask yr hubby to rare the new prawns meh...tiny wan , cute !

babyfiona said...

WAH expensive gila man, one tiny cute little prawn can cost like Rm 200.00..if suddently die, then my Rm 200.00 melayang.. -.-". i rather go makan ler..

Anonymous said...

the doggy so cute. fish tank ah.. we still have it but no more fish. seems like every fish we have keep.. keep passed away or sick.wanted give away the fish tank. if u know anybody want tell me.