Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fishy Entry

Been doing nothing for the whole day. Waking up at 1 in the afternoon means i have to skip my breakfast. The moment i open my eyes wide, straight away down me on the dining table and start surfing..until hubby asked if my tummy start to growl or not. hehehe

We went to Sunway Mas to explore and had our brunch there. Afterthat straight we went to 88 petmore, a local fish shop to get some beautiful guppies.. previous few dies already..thanks to hubby used the pipe water ... and a plant for my cute mini aquarium..spent around RM 35.00. Die..getting more and more into fish thingy. Luckily i dont really like gold fish, if not i will sure buy a lot and people will start to call me kam yue poh.. .

Tomorrow destination will be Jalan Pasar..with a bunch of fishy guys from Low Yat Forum....they all you can call as fish freak or maybe aqua freak as i see them spend their money on fishes, fish products, aqua product, planted tanks like they drink water..


aceone118 said...

I like guppies too. I breed them and now i 've a few hundred baby guppy. kekeke. Want to exchange anot? I give you ten baby guppy in exchange for 1 adult guppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

babyfiona said...

dont want lar, i also can breed them what..somemore i bought those expensive guppies

danielctw said...

Guppies. I've got the colored-tail one, those that usually buy 1 for RM2 I think. Well, also breed them. Looks like lotsa guppy lovers HAHA

babyfiona said...

Yah, nowadays got a lots of those mix breed one and very beautiful. I bought few gold colour and a few of red blood coloured one..these one cost RM 2 ++ each and some died already..