Friday, March 16, 2007


Aiyo, i felt damn lazy since yesterday and thought of not blogging until next monday..

but who knows..i been tagged by this lovely mommy! aiyo! *Slapped forehead hard*

The title goes like this.. 6 weird things about me...*thinking hard*. weird things a bout me?? sigh..such a hard question...

here its goes..

1. I am weird enough to think that is nothing weird with me..i dont think i am weird ler..

2. I can easily hooked on something and 5 min later..i will ingnore it totally. Eg. I see other people got hamster, i will die die and get it by all means, but after i got it. i will just ignore it / start to get bored after 5 min later?? Dont ask, i dont know how to explain.

3. I can sticked to someone whom i like for the rest of my life. i am made from super strong glue. Better than UHU brand, i telling you. So for those who think you can just dropped me, think twice.

4. My left hand side ear drum or more detailed, the salur separuh bulat is not functioning like normal people (never go check with the doctor hehe, my own assumption only). I cant swim straight. Always senget to left hand side and due to the problem, i am definetly a no no fellow to bring to any tour by air-plane .

5. I am a washroom fans. If i want to make big business, i must have my magazine. NO other things, i cant make my business without my magazine..i normally can finished reading my magazine in the washroom.

6. I cannot sleep without my BB at my side since dont know how many years ago.. -.-". Even i fall asleep, my brain can sensed that he is not around and i will eventually wake up and go find him. Most of the time, he will ended up being %$*^(# by me because he is the one that make me have to wake up eventhough is not his fault.. -.-""

Finally.. my weird lists. and i wanted to know so badly how weird are my friends listed below.

3. Nesh


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Alamak! I've been TAGGED! *stares*

Man you do have weird stuff going on with you... *X-Files music plays*

And stop pushing me to do my 'homework' in MSN now.


babyfiona said...

U should what,u got nothing much to do hehe