Wednesday, March 14, 2007


My hubby keep on pestering me to ask me to change my habit of scolding people or curse people. He said that I must prepare myself first just in case..just in case of what? just in case next time i got my own kids lor.. and damn i haven't even pregnant yet.. already got restriction.

How not to curse , u tell me. Every day we might bump into someone, somebody or something that will make us curse like we wont get any chance to curse the next day.

i cursed when someone cut my Que, i cursed when someone honked me suddenly, i cursed when i made mistake (yalar, cursing myself lar) i cursed when some stupid fellow make my BP high like wanna blow up.

How not to curse, u tell me after u read this situation and tell me how not to curse?

XYZ : OK, i will take it

me : ok, totaled all together is RM 11 only including the pos laju fee of RM 6

XYZ : oh, can i opted for the RM 4 which other seller normally charged me.

me: RM 4 poslaju? i normally paid the pos laju RM 4.73 as its the cheapest of all including the taxes. can please advise which kind of courier u want to use?

XYZ : Wah, you so berkira with me meh? other seller willing to charged me Rm 4 only woh.

me: hie dear, the skirt i selling to you only RM 5 and the poslaju already charged me Rm 4.73 for the postage fee and some more i using the Rm 1.30 envelope with bubble inside to prevent rain to go in. RM 5 (skirt) + Rm 4.73 (pos fee) + Rm 1.30 (envelope) = Rm 11.03. and u still want me to give u discount for the postage fee? if i tak berkira with you, mah else i give you free the skirt.

and XYZ never reply me. i have checked her posts all these while and shown that she never uses her brain.

If she never say the word 'BERKIRA' i also wont be so flared up. FAT WAN!

Bah, to be continue..need to go get some cool drink to cool myself 1st...

updated on 3.01pm.

so what do you think? how not to curse people.

Another incident at Shah Alam toll coming back from Bukit Raja, klang after only around 11.30 am.

Its a damn loooooonnnnggg que at the toll there, luckily i am the passenger and my hubby drive as usual. que que que, suddenly a car from left hand side signal the in front car, wanted to come in, cut que ler of course.. because the next lane would be for touch and go lane already. 1 car never mind lor. que que que, another car cut in. KNNCCB!

Then followed with another 2 cars some more, these 2 cars is not like the 1st 2 whereby they still will give signal want the infront car to let them come in. These 2 F**cking car just squeezed them self in and push you away or not they will just bang into your car lidat! FAT WAN! i see see my hubby face already changed from handsome angel (yalor, he got appointment today, so must ban leng leng to see client) to those who just bite on fresh lemon.

I think if got another car who tried to squeezed himself in to the que, he sure will kena hemtam by my hubby...


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Wow bad day huh? Yeah Malaysians are like that... Always many people like to cut cues.

I'm also like u, 1 car cut I don't mind though a little irritated (if it's on purpose rather than on wrong lane). But then more and more coming in, I'll get so angry and will have something to shout in my car.


~estnora~ said...

cool down fiona, hehehe..
btw, u've been tagged. read my blog ;)