Friday, April 20, 2007

10 Min After

Now the time is 6.13 am. Normally i will be sleeping like pig at this hours but i just sent BB off to some fellow place to take a cab. Dont know what to do right now. continue to sleep or stay awake until time to go for work but that would be like another 2 hours 45 minutes ..

And the burning flame feeling is another factor i cannot sleep. Yalar, mang chang already how to sleep ? Why mang chang? i tell you why. My lovely bb who i just dropped off, make me search the whole living room looking for worms. YES WORMS! ALIVE one somemore wandering around in the living room . DAMN ALOT SOMEMORE!!! I must spank his butt hard hard when he comes back the time...eeee geramnya..!!!

Ok lar, maybe i will grab some opp from PPP and go to dreamland to continue my sweet dream and planning my home alone plan. wahahaha *evil grin*


AceOne118 said...

what worms is that in your living room? hahaha

babyfiona said...

aiya, give fish to eat one lar..dunt think yelow yelow things lar

cHrIstInA_YY said...

haha... roflol. i thought wat worm is that =P

babyfiona said...

aiyo, why all also yellow minded one -.-"