Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yum Yum Lunch

This is my lunch for yesterday. Went to USJ 17 for pig stomach soup and rice and ended up hubby have to que for half and hours because one of the worker not working..

But tell you lar, the soup is damn nice . Taste like heaven! Dont believe you can go try yourself in USJ 17. Got only one chinese restaurant there. The have this lotus soup as well. Yum yum to the max!

Share share for you to see 1st lar.. the photos only. The real one of course I ate and flushed into the loo this morning. hahaha :P
** Smacked Head** Die lor, dont know why i become so gross these days

Dont play play, need to que one, see i did not bluff you. I got proof one!


AceOne118 said...

Sure nice wan hor if not i dowan bayar wan.!! hahaha

babyfiona said...

Very Nice one! go try lar, if u really think Not nice, i click click more for u lar to pay :P

Rabbit said...

I lovey pig stomach soup!! Hot enough or not geh? Got lotsa pepper? =p

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

I can confirm with that since I went with her before! Nice! Too bad that day I was sick so didn't follow her to have the nice soup. :(



babyfiona said...

rabbit - very Hot one, alot alot of pepper somemore. Zheng! btw, rabbit eat meat one meh??

nesh - hehe we can go anytime tomolo what, but u have to drive lor or ask mel lalala

cHrIstInA_YY said...

*drools* seems tasty wor but im in penang...swt

babyfiona said...

chris - next time when i going back to penang, i tapau for u to eat lor :P

Anonymous said...

eeee... sorry.. pig stomach..not my fav. I know alot ppl like to eat it. Including my sil and hubby. oh the Debit card.. belum dapat lagi la..