Tuesday, April 10, 2007

10 Thingy I Likes!

Got tagged by Leech for Ten Thing I Likes..so here is goes..my homework..

1. I like to buy things

Yeah, whenever I go out, i must buy something back. Small things also never mind as long as i bring something back home. But normally its will ended up in my room mushrooming..

2. I like blog hopping

Yawoh, i like to goes into people blog and then read about their life, what happen to their life, before and on- going. From their blog i can know what they experience before, how they deal with it and how the outcome. Its like a library to me because different blogs have their own story to tell. *interesting*

3. I like to poke my hubby's head.

Hehehe, like poking the penguin game. U poke poke poke until its explode but i wont poke my hubby head until explode lar.. :P. But whenever i poke my hubby head, he will automatically tilted his head back for me to poke again. *poke poke poke*

4. I like to see my hubby frowned

SO CUTE! he frown like small kid or event worst like baby! Whenever i am angry at him or bad mood, when i saw his frowned face, my heart will melt like susu cair.. the look on his face is priceless! I dont think when other people frowned the time will look that cute. ^^

5. I like Minyak Cap Kapak

Very Much indeed. I curently having it in my handbag, on my office desk, inside the bathroom /toilet, on the headrest of my bed. Hmm, i think toilet one finish already..must go and buy to replenish. I will die if i dunt smell it..i am addicted to it..

I like to disturb people on msn during working hours

Yeah, i got the "time of the day" one. Dont play play. When the time of the day arrive, i will send out emoticon to spread some viruses. NO lar, not real virus.. this kind ---> The yawning viruses. hehehehe. So for those who wish to be inside my "the time of the day" list. Feel free to leave me your msn address and i will add you and give you a hit :P

7. I like Dogs more than Cats

Dont know how to explain. Dog gives me the feel of being loved. Cats..%#*$^$(#!#. I gave him to eat, gave him a place to sleep and in return he gave me a scar #*$^$&#)@&$#!!

8. I like downloading movie & drama

Yeah, my husband sister called me as the Queen of downloading. I download all TVB newest drama and then never watch one.

9. I like Fighting game

Most of my favourite game categorized under violent one..street fighter, king of fighter, tekken tag..Even when i am very small the time, like around 6 years old, my grandpa will give all his grandchildren toys to play. The girls will get barbie doll and the boys will get machine gun..i told my grandpa that i dont want barbie doll, i want machine gun. Weird..but me not ended up like a tomboy woh..hehehe

10. I like to TAG people but dunt want people to tag me back. But today i am feeling angelic abit, so this tag only goes to
Nesh , aboutsss1979 , Aceone118 (have you done this b4?) and my new link buddy .
i am so good hor? 4 persons only.

I know the feeling of being tagged..i still got another tag by
aboutsss1979 .


AceOne118 said...

Alamak! Kena tag meh? I gip you my MSn la. I can tell you all from there. No nit do lar! I dowan tag wor!! Can anot jek?

My MSN is aceone118@hotmail.com

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

wah! you like minyak angin perfume kar?
1st time i saw....
save money oso..

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Alamakz!!! I kena tagged!!!

Arg!!! Blek!

babyfiona said...

Ace1 - Hmm if u dunt want to do then i tagged Pisang lor ..if he wiling to do lar ..if Not you have to do back lor :P . Pisang : You Not willing to do hor?? :P

Pisang - Yawoh, my mom and my husband also said they buy me minyak angin can already, cheap and easy to find ^^

Nesh - Told you edy mah, who asked you take so long do homework woh :P

mommy of two angels said...

1st time visiting your site...aiyah onli mally 5 mths +++ sure he let u poke his head la...wait la...anar-der 5 years...see la...who poke whose head then!!! ahhahahha

yeah...another doggie lover...

wei download movie ledi, pls share la...my hubby is cina drama king

babyfiona said...

Mommyof 2 Angels - Hi welcome welcome. Hehe, That is why i poke poke his head 1st before he poke mine back :P.

Where you stayed? i download RMVB file can be watch using pc only woh unless you know how to convert to be watch using normal dvd/vcd player. Can anytime burn a copy for you or your hubby ^^

AceOne118 said...

Fuiyoh!! I like your ads, click hor got cartoons come out wan.

leech said...

noooo.. why you don't like tags? hehehe. Sorry la, "forced" you to do the top 10 things, but I really liked reading it. ;p #1, I think all females also like that. And oh gosh, you like minyak kapak also??? Last time I used to put so much (good for minor headaches) that my college mates / colleagues all stared at me like hell. Paiseh, paiseh. Erm... I poked my bf before.. he took my finger and bit it. T__T And... I'm a cat person though, sigh, just when I thought we had a lot in common. ;p

babyfiona said...

Ace1 - Your ads Not nice to click de, None interesting thing to see one.. hehehe

Leech - hehe as what u said lar, all female likes to read only, i also like to read other people things, 8 mah but lazy to type out mine, because have to use the brain to think think think :P.
yeah, my minyak angin is my perfume. But when in office de time, i pour it on tissue paper, so nobody will smell it :P. hahaha, ur bf so cute, at least he bite it. Mine one let me poke poke poke until he cannot tahan and start to bite all over my body -.-". and he really bite hard.. and i only hate that cat that leave me THAT scar hahaha, i still likes to play with the cats in the petshop but wont keep as my pets lor ^^.

Huei said...

tag?? where?? >.<

babyfiona said...

alamak i think i sent wrong msg to wrong person -.-"
gomenasai! sorry!! blur blur edy this few days -.-""