Thursday, April 12, 2007

Infected By Lazy Bug..

Am still lazy to do SSS1979 tag. With today nice comfy weather, i dont feel like want to do anything. How I wish I can just ignore all the things and my work and jumped on to my bed and sleep.

Been typing the whole day, non stop somemore..sigh..feel like my eyes wants to drop out and my fingers all getting numb of pressing the keyboard yet i still got another 3 or 4 directories to key in..BORED like hell! been facing different directories since a week ago due to one of my colleague resigned.

Luckly tomorrow is friday already, yay yay yay! holiday holiday holiday i can sleep until the sun shine on to my butt and the moon also no eyes to see , muhahahaha. *sorry ler, sot sot already, too tired*


AceOne118 said...

Hahaha..get more rest and dun fall sick.

Sasha said...

man..i dun like tags also.