Monday, April 23, 2007


Have you meet this kind of people before?
Who actually press you down into the water to bring herself up in the air?
I beh tahan already, this really make me so angry talking to this kind of person.
Like example.. Ok i changed the situation here so if the fellow actually read my blog, he or she wont feel the pinch so much. Me not like some people, never care about other people feeling #*$^$%*)(*&%!

**This is only an example which i think is quite similar to the actual situation.**

Alright, just imagine when you are trying a beautiful dress and you think you look great on it then the fellow came over to you and give you a comment like this:

Example 1.

The Someone:- "wow, you look quite nice in that dress".

Me:- "Thanks"

The someone:- " But i look great in this dont you think so? come i show you how great i look in it"


Example 2.

The someone: - "Hey, how do you cash out from paypal?"

Me:- Nicely explained to the fellow from step 1 - 10

The someone: - "Oh really? that is the way?"

Me:- Or you can bla bla bla bla ...

The someone: - Oh I see, I lazy to do that lar. Somemore I dont have a paypal account also. So troublesome..I rather dont play PPP lar'.

KNNCBH!!!What the *tut*.

This fellow really get in to my nerve. I can tell you. She/he indirectly critised my look, critised the way i do my things, wasting my time to explain, and THE MOST IMPORTANT is who the *tut* she/he think she/he is.

Argh! Already a bad monday for me due to the whole night cannot sleep, now this fellow disturb my emotion somemore..ARGH! i want to ROAR!!!!!!

i need someone to sayang me now....Image Hosted by *sob sob*


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Trust me people... she was like BOOOOM when I was there to catch everything!

That fella is a TOTAL LOSER. And that fella looks TOTALLY UGLIER than Fiona! TRUST ME!


Yet want to comment other ppl's look.

What a loser...

Fluffy the Muffly Dog said...

If i see that fella I'll bite off the ass and then brush my teeth clean clean! Grrrrr ruff! Ruff!

AceOne118 said...

Fiona, I just learned a new thing that is "SILENT'. Kekeke

AceOne118 said...

Aiyoyo! fiona so fierce wan. Who step your tail tell me!! kekeke

[s][e][x][y][i][n][r][e][d] said...

Hugs... for you...

Know what? u should just ignore people like that they're jerk and pain in the

Huei said...


omg damn char dou in ur example 2!!

haih..there're always these kind of ppl around!

i have to face with those who copies what i do..EVERYTHING!! >.<

babyfiona said...

Nesh - muhahaha, thanks! hehe, hope i dint scared you off :P

Fluffy - Hi little muffy fluffy cutey doggie, no need to bite the fella ass lar, later your mouth become busuk.. :P

Ace1 - how to silent woh, silent for so many times already. Yat Koh Yan tik loi seng yau han tou one!And yAlor, i am very fierce one like tiger ^^ but i borned in goat year. My hubby said, me is a tiger in disguise. haha

Sexy - Thanks for your hugs. *hug u back* Sometimes can really ignore the person. If its a stranger then its ok, but then again, known this fellow for quite sometimes..dont know why suddently the fellow goes stab me like that -.-"

babyfiona said...

Huei - Thank you Thank you hehe. I also char dou, kau kau somemore..wasting my time hor..i think nowadays alot of these kind of people. Need to wear my spec and see clear clear only make frend with them ^^

yipguseng said...

no need *tut* ler, just straight shoot 9 9 at the someone! damn hate these kinda ppl! pura-pura only and waste ppl's time

babyfiona said...

Yipguseng-woh! mine page cannot have vulgarity hehe, if initial can lar, later kena banned from PPP, i really need to suck my own lemon lor ^^

cHrIstInA_YY said...

that fella definately is too free... juz ignore her