Monday, April 23, 2007


PAYPERPOST website down??? What happen? This morning i can still log on to their website but Now cannot!! argh!


AceOne118 said...

Kenot log in nebermine, wait for tonite the opps higher wan!! kekeke.
Morning mia opps all kutchi rat tarak ngam sama lu!

Neo said...

Haha... they pokai liao, no money to pay u and I :)

ShannonC. said...

now can oledi ler

babyfiona said...

ace1 - wa tarak duit mau makan, sikit sikit also nvm to me unless u belanja me makan sushi.

neo - :( so cham meh, i havent got my pay yet ler

shannonc - hehe, just found out they shift server hehe

Anonymous said...

yalor PPP always like tht. Hmm.. debit card u interested? U dont have credit card? Me SAHM tht why cant apply credit card. As for supplement.. too lazy la..