Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Load of Photos!!!



These was taken during my visit to Xian Leng Shah Alam few weeks ago before i went back to penang for Cheng Meng. Sorry ler, i dont have a personal memory card reader, so have to take long time only to get it published here lor..

These was the taken on the way back from penang. Bought the RM 60++ per person per seat from the Konsortium bus express. The seat can be adjusted to lean backward so we can sleep. So Nice. I watch movie and sleep all the way back from penang and ate my favourite seaweed.
See got remote control somemore at the side of my seat. KENG! :P

And here's my peebo's photos which i took 2 weeks ago when she is still wearing her clothing ^^. I have to wait like 15 - 20 minutes just to take her still photos. -.-". She is those hyperactive dogs which cannot stand still even for 1 second. And because i keep on scolding her for like 10 - 15 min, she finally sit there not moving for me to take her picture. I think is because she wondering what the hell i am babling. U see her face like got "???" sign . hahaha and then she back to her usual. Dancing on the floor. haha!


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Something's wrong with my shareapic thingie...

I upload 2 pictues last time can approve. Then now i upload somore it's not approved anymore ler... normal pictures somore. Like frozen liow.. :(

Anyway, WAAAAAAH the bus look so canggih man. What movie u watched?

babyfiona said...

me watched Lou Fu Chi, Andy lau's Tai Chek Lou, and few more ler..hehe

AceOne118 said...

Woah! that golden arovana chun la!

fattien said... fishy there. It reminds the days that I have a tank of gold fish but now all sudah mati jor. nice site!!!

babyfiona said...

Ace - Golden? Which one? the red one is the winner for AFM2006 ^^.

Fattien - Thank you. Yor, ur gold fish mati jor mah alot of "chi" came out from their bodies lor..eww..