Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Aiyoh! So embarrassing ..u know what i wear to office today??

My selipar jepun brought from Giant at RM 3.99 ! Aiyo, I only realised right after hubby dropped me of by the side of the road of my office ..and because he in the hurry to go for appointment, i just tell me to forget about it lar.. So there i went the whole day with my selipar jepun.

Somemore I went in and out my boss room so many times. The selipar also quite old already, 1 years ++ and got pi piak pi piak sound. I dont even bother to see my boss face. hehehe..must be wondering why i been wearing the selipar the whole day.

Sorry for the ugly feet and leg ler.. I got a pork chop leg.


cHrIstInA_YY said...

haha, "sat wun yu" in cantonese or "tai tou har" lolz... hehe, next time must double check b4 u get down from da car. ^^

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Hehehe!! Yah her slipper made noisy sound when she walk up and down! So funny lah see u dress nice nice with selipar jepun! Kekeke!

babyfiona said...

Christina - Check also No use..inside car dont have my shoes..i remember i wear my working shoe when i went off from the house.. :P

miche said...

i also wear slipper jepun to office but chance to another slip on in the office...next time, keep a pair under ur table...just for emergency. :D

so, how old will u be this nov 30? :D

AceOne118 said...

Next time put lar one pair spare in the opis! Your Japunese slippers be be champion ledi lar..oren kaler wan! wakakaka

babyfiona said...

Nash - Dont complain so much. Later i stuck the selipar inside ur mouth .hehehe :P

Miche - Last time got one..30 Nov ?Secret secret :P

Ace - Cannot orange color meh! next time i buy the green one :P